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AMPlify your Assessment Process!
AMP is a system for taking control of program assessment with a view towards continuous improvement and assurance of learning. AMP ensures that the assessment process is faculty-driven, automating most of the repetitive and time-consuming analysis tasks, so faculty can concentrate on using the results for improving the program. AMP can significantly assist in maintaining or achieving accreditation.

AMP highlights
AMP is a database-driven application.
AMP supports concurrent access, scalability, backup and restore and unlimited user views.

AMP supports multiple user-roles.
Users only view and access what their roles allow them.

AMP is customizable.
Customized reports meet individual program/accreditation needs.

AMP developers
Developed by Faculty for Faculty
AMP was developed by a faculty member with knowledge of daily assessment tasks.
The AMP process
AMP emulates the same process that a standard assessment method should. The following are tasks that are supported in AMP, more or less in the order they should be performed.

  1. Define/Refine: Using the institution's Mission and Vision statements, define/refine Program Goals, Objectives and Outcomes for your program.
  1. Design: Cover the learning outcomes by designing Assessment instruments mapped into courses that are used for assessment.
  1. Implement the assessment process and enter the collected assessment data.
  1. Analyze the data via a set of reports such as the course assessment reports.
  1. Identify gaps between desired and actual results via Business Intelligence reports, and other Assurance of Learning analysis reports.
  1. Document results based on the reports and indicate required and implemented improvements.