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    SmartRF Solutions LLC is a small company in the business of developing software and solutions for different platforms involving mobile applications, RFID applications, database, IoT, Blockchain and XML-based applications.

    We are a group of developers and educators who love the latest technologies and enjoy working with technology and their applications. If you want to know more about our company and services we provide, please contact us at info@smartrfsolutions.com.

  • Mobile App spotlight: Moving Organizer Pro

    One of our best capabilities is to design custom applications for your organization, whether it is to solve a business need, to create a custom design, or to build a proof-of-concept. We specialize in native app designs for iOS as well as Android.

    One of the apps we developed is Moving Organizer Pro. If you are planning a move, or have moved recently, and feel overwhelmed by all the boxes, here is an app for you that will help you organize and take control of your move. Keep track of each box with its contents, picture, and description, and search quickly as you find and unpack boxes after you move. We built it for ourselves when we moved, and it was a great feeling to know exactly where our things were, and exactly how much we had left to unpack. Check this one out!

    See a video demo

  • Web App spotlight: Assess My Program (AMP)

    Developed at a leading US institution serving three different accreditation agencies, AMP assists faculty with the process of analyzing, documenting, and reporting on assessment and Assurance of Learning (AoL) data.

    Check out AMP Demo site for more details

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Moving Organizer Pro on Amazon

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Moving Organizer Lite on Amazon

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Selected reviews

  • Fantastic app! So many great features!

    This really simplified the moving inventory process for our family as we packed up. We logged entries only on my phone, so syncing wasn’t an issue. For each entry, whether it was a box, bin, suitcase, or stand-alone item, we numbered and labeled the item physically, and then took a photo and added content details in the app. I loved these features, but my favorite functions were discovered after the move was complete! The search function has saved us multiple times when we’ve wondered what box the silverware or Dad’s brown shoes or other random items were in.
    And I love being able to mark when boxes are unpacked—the app shows “percentage complete” and it is highly motivating!
    The only glitchy thing was when I deleted an entry towards the beginning of the packing process. This got us off on the count because the app automatically numbers as you start an entry. We just had to stay on top of this as we entered, and change it to one less. Not sure what the fix would be for that, but it was my only complaint.
    Highly recommend this app and appreciate the thought that went into it.


    This app does it all! I not only had a detailed list of every box, I was able to add pictures which made unpacking a pleasure! I knew where everything was and find anything quickly!! The app worked well switching from iPhone to iPad, and when I needed help, the developer not only wrote me back multiple times to help me, but even called me and patiently walked me through the snag I experienced. I printed out 3 copies of my move so everyone involved had a copy! I could not have survived the stressful move without this amazing app! You can not go wrong with this app!!! Simply the best!!

  • So easy! Just one wish...

    I started logging my boxes of packed stuff (still packing for move 1500mi away) and I caught right on with how the app works. With each Box I just took a picture of it with the same number label as I wrote on the box and for the contents I could just use speech to text on my iPad keyboard to rattle off what I saw in the box and that’s it!
    The only thing I’m thinking is I would have loved to have the option of taking a picture of the open box to put in the comment section too. Just a thought.
    Also, I don’t know how to calculate cubic feet of a box without a tape measure so it would be nice to have some kind of function that measures dimensions from the pictures. I don’t happen to need that info for my move so no biggie. I also think it would be better to have the contents in list form so you could mark one thing unpacked instead of editing the comments to account for what was removed.

  • Great features

    This has been a life-saver during our move. Only one of us is logging the boxes so the need to sync is not important. If more people were packing/logging that would be a useful feature. Otherwise the options are very helpful including the search feature. We aren’t done with our move but I’m already so glad I found this app. Totally worth the price to avoid ads.


How can I sync my data between devices? (Pro version only)

First, on each of your devices, go to Menu > Link to Dropbox from the main screen of the app.

To upload move data to Dropbox: Go to Menu > Backup.

To download the latest data from Dropbox: Go to Menu > Restore and select the most recent backup.

So if you’re using multiple devices as you create a list of boxes, go to Menu > Restore when you open the app, and go to Menu > Backup after making changes. That should ensure that every device stays up-to-date with the latest data.

How can I create a PDF with my move data? (Pro version only)

Android: In the box list screen, go to Menu > Print. Then select “Save as PDF” in the drop-down menu. (Note: This only works on Android 4.4 and newer.)

iPhone and iPad: In the box list screen, tap the printer icon. Once the preview loads, force touch on the preview (or pinch out if your device does not support force touch) then tap the share action.

How can I email my move data? (Pro version only)

Android: In the box list screen, go to Menu > Print. Then select “Save as PDF” in the drop-down menu. After saving the data as a PDF file, you can attach the PDF file to an email. (Note: This only works on Android 4.4 and newer.)

iPhone and iPad: In the box list screen, tap the printer icon. Once the preview loads, you can create a PDF file that can be emailed. Force touch on the preview (or pinch out if your device does not support force touch) then tap the share action.

How can I see which boxes are from each room?

At the top of the box list screen, tap the “Sort by” option and select “Box location.” This sorts the box list alphabetically by room.

You can also type the name of a specific room into the search box.

How can I edit or delete a move/box?

In iOS, to edit or delete a move, swipe left on the move, and edit and delete icons/buttons will appear. For boxes, just tap on a box to edit, swipe left to see the delete button.

In Android, long tap on a move to see the Edit and Delete action buttons on the top. Tapping on a box will let you edit its content. Long-tapping on a box will similarly display the delete action button on the actionbar.

How can I create a custom category for boxes/items (e.g., “furniture”)?

Try entering the name of the category in the “Type” field just below the box name. (For future boxes, your new category will automatically appear in the drop-down menu.)

To see all boxes in your category, you can sort the box list by type. To do this, tap the “Sort by” option at the top of the box list screen, and select “Box type.”

Where are my backups stored?

If you’re not linked to Dropbox: backups are stored in the internal app storage area of the OS and cannot be accessed from outside the app.

If you're linked to Dropbox: Backups are stored under Apps > Moving Organizer Pro in your Dropbox.

On Android, how does the app use the permissions it requires?

  • Read and Write external storage: This is used to backup and restore your moves.
  • Internet access: In the Lite version, this is used by ads (we don't bug you with ads - the box list screen and the box details screen are ad-free). In the Pro version, this is used for backing up and restoring your moves using Dropbox.
  • Record audio (pro version only): This is used by the voice control feature. This feature can be disabled in the settings.

Privacy Policy

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for SmartRF Solutions (smartrfsolutions.com) and Whizkeys Tollroads. This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this website and associated apps.

None of the apps and the website collect any information about you and your data. Depending on the app(s) you are using, the following may apply:

  • For the moving organizer apps, your settings are stored privately within your device and not communicated to any other third party. For the Pro version of the moving app, your data is transmitted to DropBox (if you link the app to DropBox) - please refer to the DropBox privacy policies for any data stored and retrieved via DropBox. We have no access to any of your data, whether stored locally on your device or in DropBox.
  • For the tollroads apps, your settings are stored privately within your device and not communicated to us or any other third party. Your location is used to display your position in the map, and if you perform any routing, that information is sent to Google Maps API to calculate routes. No information is permanently stored unless you decide to save them.

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